Tag Care provides an integrated suite of services to bring benefits to individuals, families and medical services;

► improve the likelihood of a prompt and accurate response to the wearer’s medical emergency
► assist in the administration of the user’s daily prescription medication
► maintain infirm people’s independence for a longer period of time
► provide peace of mind for carers and relatives

The Medical Alert Card (MAC) is a credit card sized card which provides emergency services and others with a fast route to finding a person's medical conditions, medications, allergies, personal wishes and NOK details.

The card provides a connection to the Tag Care server via a QR Code, NFC Tag or simple URL.

The Vulnerable Person Alert (VPA) is an application which runs on a person's smart watch, FitBit or other wearable technology, or on a mobile, and regularly requires the owner to click a button to prove that they are 'OK'. If they can't reach or operate the device (because they may have fallen or become ill) the device sends a warning text to the NOK (or other designated person).

The VPA also provides the same medical data as the MAC in an off-line mode so that emergency services can access a person's vital information even when an internet or phone connection is not available.

Tag Care services are integrated so that if the Server cannot reach a person's VPA the NOK is automatically notified of a communication problem.

All Tag Care services are provided for a very competitive monthly fee.

For more information please telephone; 020 7078 4372 or email; enquiries@tag.care